How to get a scholarship for students who get to study abroad?

Asked by Pratik Nakum 12 months ago

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Neha Shah

Neha Shah

Undergrad Student at Miranda House

When a student gets the acceptance letter from the institution, he or she can apply for the scholarship. But this is not the only requirement that needs to be fulfilled, there are other requirements as well that need to be fulfilled. See, there are some scholarships that are only available for the national students and others are for the international students. 

You are already aware that the essence of the scholarship is that it is only for the students with high potential but low income. So, therefore you need to show proof of low income and proof of some extraordinary achievement that you have done in your past which proves that you have the potential. These three documents were the ones that are most important: The letter of acceptance, income proof, and proof of achievement. After that, you have to find a suitable scholarship for which you can apply. 

Now that all documents have been sorted, we can move forward with, applying for the scholarship. So now you need to fill out an application form to apply for the respective scholarship, After that, you will need to write down a personal statement or an essay to impress the committee with your ideas and experiences. After that, you have to submit the above documents that we discussed, you might also need to translate them as per the language needs. That’s it! Now, wait until you get the response to your application.


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