How much is the total fund required to Study Masters in Australia including tuition fees, travel expenses, accommodation etc?

Asked by Rahul Singh over 1 year ago

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Ajay Kaparwan

Ajay Kaparwan

Founder & CEO at Blackcoffe

The expense to study in Australia is affordable in comparison to the USA or UK and the good part is Australia does not lack anywhere in the quality of education. 

Here is an average expense that you can consider while doing your masters in Australia:


Accomodation - 963 AUD

Groceries - 170-240 AUD

Gas & Electricity - 100-200 AUD

Public Transport - 104.5 AUD

Internet - 80-200 AUD

Apart from this, here is a list of universities in Australia where you can study under 15 Lakhs, so even the tuition fees is pretty affordable:
1. University of Divinity

2. University of Southern Queensland

3. University of Sunshine Coast

4. University of Queensland

5. Charles Darwin University 


Let me know if you need any help in applying to any of these universities or any further information.



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