How many scholarships can I get as an undergraduate student at the University of British Columbia?

Asked by Naruto Uzumaki over 1 year ago

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There are only so many scholarships available at University of British Columbia (UCB). Mostly they are for undergraduate students that want to pursue a master program. The university is pretty significant which is widely popular. UBC is basically one of the biggest universities in Canada.

Since your question is regarding scholarships at the University of British Columbia I assume you mean the scholarship offered by the university itself. There are two scholarship programs at UBC:

  • International Major Entrance Scholarship (IMES)
  • Outstanding International Student Award (OIS)

One is an entrance scholarship while the other is a standard scholarship awarded to top students of the universities. So, if you want your profile to be considered, try performing accordingly. There are also a few eligibility criteria you need to be aware of. Because it's very likely that you may miss out because of some common misunderstandings. The eligibility for scholarships at UBC are:


  • a student has to be new to UBC
  • the student must have a Canadian study permit (student visa)
  • student must show exceptional academic achievements and intellectual promise
  • students must not be nominated for a need-and-merit-based International Scholars award

UBC is one of the top ranked universities globally. So automatically, you need to have good scores to get it. I’m specifically reminding you this because the scholarship will also consider your grades. The minimum GPA requirement of UBC is 80%, however I suggest you should aim for higher to have better candidature.

Just remember to prepare for the scholarship exactly as you planned for the admission, because it's not much different. If you have any further questions, just let me know.


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