How much percentage is needed to study abroad?

Asked by Divyesh Dhanani over 1 year ago

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Muthanna Qudimat

Muthanna Qudimat

Microsoft Student Ambassador | A BCA Undergrad Student

There is no fixed answer to your question because the minimum percentage requirement varies across courses, schools, and countries. All courses have a separate requirement because they look for different aspects in their students.

It depends greatly on which course and country you wish to apply to. Although you can keep in mind that the average GPA to get into a good university abroad is from 3.2 to 3.5. This is the average score that is accepted by a majority of universities abroad. But like I said, you need to check for your course requirement.

Why don’t you tell me the course that you wish to pursue? Do you also have a country preference?

Let me know and I’ll be able to help you with the relevant information. 


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