How much money did it cost to study in foreign country like canada?

Asked by Ankita Raina over 1 year ago

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Puneet Singh

Puneet Singh

Tax Manager specializing in Expatriate US taxation and global mobility processes.

Here is a list of the top universities in Canada along with their average tuition fees:
1. University of Toronto - CAD 57000

2. University of British Columbia - CAD 17500

3. University fo Waterloo - CAD 27535

4. McMaster University - CAD 33417

5. University of Ottawa - CAD 41278

Below is a list of other expenses that you might incur while studying in Canada:
1. Study Permit Fees - CAD 150

2. Accommodation - CAD 5000-10000

3. Travel Costs - CAD 80-110

4. Health Insurance - CAD 300-800

5. Food - CAD 300-400

Also, all these are just average amounts. You need to check the expense based on the course, school and the city you wish to choose. 

Let me know about your preferences and I shall help you with relevant information. 


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