How much is the minimum money to study in Canada?

Asked by Mohan raj about 1 year ago

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Muthanna Qudimat

Muthanna Qudimat

Microsoft Student Ambassador | A BCA Undergrad Student

Canada is a pretty nice place to study. Because the colleges there are not any less than top universities globally. Plus when you compare it with the USA and UK, it is a cheaper option. Not just the cost of education but the cost of living as well. Maybe these are reasons why the county is currently #1 amongst Indian students. 

Doing your Masters in Canada will cost you an average tuition of CA$17,744 (around 10.7 lakhs) per year. This number seems pretty small considering Canada, which is one of the biggest providers of education abroad. However, this point is exactly what justifies the average tuition. It's because the country is filled with universities that offer tons of Masters’ courses.

The living cost in Canada can include your accommodation, transport, lifestyle necessities, entertainment etc. Basically, by an estimation, Canadian students recommend having around CA$10,000 (around 6 lakhs)  to cover their annual living expenses. And yeah, living in an expensive city can add up to this number. Therefore I suggest planning accordingly.

Now if we calculate the minimum money required to study in Canada for postgraduate, it’s almost 10.7+10 lakhs + 2 (miscellaneous). This equals around 22.7 lakhs on an average. Like I said before, based on your university and city selection this number can vary. 

Why don’t you tell me more about the course specialization that you wish to pursue?

Maybe then I would be able to give you more relevant information. 


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