How much is the average fresher salary for Data Science in USA universities?

Asked by Ramu Rai almost 2 years ago

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dania ortega

dania ortega

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It depends. The average fresher salary for Data Science graduates from USA  universities is different. Based on the university name and caliber, the post-grad opportunities differ in every case. Even if we're to find an average of all average fresher salaries, it will take months to go through all data science courses in the USA.

However, you can get an idea based on the national average salary of data science professionals in the country. For the standard result, it is around $117,000 (about 91 lakhs) yearly. The numbers can differ based on different lines and specializations in data science. Because the USA is such a wide country filled with hundreds of quality universities, the results can be very diverse.

The average fresher salary for Data Science in the USA is not much different than the national average salary for the same. Organizations like Glassdoor and data science degrees show present numbers around $95,000 (about 75 lakhs) as the average fresher salary. But these numbers are not accredited with solidity as the surveys mostly include top universities in the USA. Not all universities reveal their average graduate salaries so in most cases, records have to rely upon the industry data.

If you look at the recent influx of early-career professionals, the median starting salary of data scientists is about $95,000 (the same as the estimated average fresher salary). In recent years, data science has been gaining popularity in the USA. Both for the courses and for job prospectus you get excellent options if you choose a USA based university. Along with the starting fresher salary, their employment rates are also very good.

All the good results from data science in the USA give a perfect balance that makes the country worthwhile for data science programs. USA universities have the most number of international students. They have good universities, good education systems and a very well established service sector that facilitates students in many ways. If you are looking for a computer package, the USA is the right choice.

After completing a few years in the industry, the average salary of a data scientist can increase upto 40% given location and company. For example, the median salary of a mid-level data scientist profession in the USA is $130,000 (about 1 crore). The managerial role pays even better.

USA universities are ranked best for data science programs. A few examples can be MIT, UC Berkeley and Carnegie Mellon University. The graduates there earn more and get to work in a better environment. If you want some more pointers, just let me know. Having your doubts cleared before applying for anything is better than looking for answers later.


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