How much amount need to go uk for study purpose and what is the total procedure.?

Asked by Moghal Shabbir about 1 year ago

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Divyakshi  Gupta

Divyakshi Gupta

Study Abroad Expert

If you are an international student who wants to study in the UK, it is important to be fully aware of how much it will cost so you can budget accordingly.

Undergraduate fees for international overseas students begin at around £10,000 per year, whilst at postgraduate level they begin at around £12,000. 

Average UK living costs for international students

The average living costs for international students in the UK is £12,180 per year. This can be much lower or higher depending on where in the UK you wish to study though. For example in London, living expenses are considerably higher than the equivalent cost in a different city such as Liverpool or Birmingham.

There are many great locations in the UK to study, all which offer something different. Cosmopolitan cities such as Edinburgh, Manchester and Leeds offer cheaper living costs than London, whilst still providing an exciting variety of activities which can only be found in a large city.

If you are still confused about the expenses or need any more information, I suggest you directly get in touch with Study Abroad Experts here. They will analyse your profile and not just help you with all the required information but also assist you in the entire application process for FREE.

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