How manageable is it to pay back your loan for eg. 40lakh. Cause we can't work somewhere else. How does the freelancing jobs work there? Country I'm referring is to the USA?

Asked by Durga 11 months ago

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Shruti g

Shruti g

Investment Professional at TPG Capital; Co-Founder & Co-President at Headway Circuit

Hello, it's good to know that you are responsible enough to worry about paying back your loan. But it would be best if you didn't let this worry drive your college life. Freelancing jobs are a good source of income, but they can be very time-consuming. Studying abroad can be time-consuming and will not give you much time to do freelance work. Instead, you can divide your time between a part-time job or extracurricular activities for holistic development. A part-time job will make you financially independent while you pursue your degree. And about the loan, different banks have different time frames for paying the whole amount, which can stretch to about 15 years, giving you a lot of time to take up a full-time job after college. 


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