How is the job vacancy in Canada for PGDM?

Asked by Karthik about 2 years ago

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Rashmi Mehrotra

Rashmi Mehrotra

J.P. Morgan || LSR’ 19

If you don’t know this already, you have chosen the perfect country for job vacancy after a PGDM course. Because compared to other countries like the USA and the UK that are good with international exposure, Canada is better for PGDM courses.

Most of the PGDM students prefer Canada as it grants them easier access to the country with nice jobs and career afterwards. Unlike MBA, PGDM courses are industry oriented. They are more theoretical in nature. Canada has a pretty good economy with nice established industries. You will find more job vacancies after a PGDM from one of their best universities.

The PGDM programs focus more on grooming programs, mentorship and industry exposure. Compared to MBA and PhD programs, PGDM placement services are more rigorous. If you choose a recognized university in Canada for it, you would get good jobs with good salary options. Now I don’t know which subject you are interested in, that way I could have guided you better.

Names like Humber, George Brown, Centennial etc., from Canada are world famous for ther PGDM programs. If you choose any one of these universities, you get like 100% job placements. Plus, Canada is a very friendly country. You will find the environment there more interactive and diverse. Getting a visa there is also much easier than the rest of its competitors.

In which area you are interested in for a PGDM? I’m asking so that I can determine what kind of jobs and how many you can get in the country. Based on your qualifications and the subject you are interested in, you can have more relevant information. Do share your interests if you see it fit.


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