How is oncology and cancer biology masters course in USA?

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Diksha Garg

Diksha Garg

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The world’s best universities for oncology examine the causes, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of

cancer. Chemotherapy, radiation and gene therapy are some of the key treatment methods that these

schools research. The field includes specialties such as gynecologic oncology, neuro-oncology, surgical

oncology, radiological oncology, oral oncology and dermatological oncology. These are the world's top

universities for oncology, based on their research performance in the field.

1. Harvard university 

2. John hopkins university 

3. Cornell university 

4. University of california 

5. Yale university 

6. Vanderbilt university 

7. University of Washington 

8. University of pennsylvania 

9. Stanford university 

10. Duke university 

11. Ohio state university 

12. University of chicago

The Cancer Biology program is one of the most unusual programs in the country, as it offers students

ability to work alongside 35 top cancer researchers in the Philadelphia area, including scientists from top

cancer institutions including Drexel University, The Wistar Institute, Fox Chase Cancer Center and

Lankenau Institute for Medical Research. 

The program provides a master's degree focused on the fundamentals of cancer from an interdisciplinary

perspective, including molecular and cell biology of cancer initiation, metastasis, immunology, treatment

and prevention while gaining experience in cutting edge technology. Graduates of the program gain

comprehensive knowledge of molecular, cell and cancer biology, as well as expertise in the latest

techniques used in cancer biology research.



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