How good is king's college london business school?Is it worth studying there?Also what about the after-graduation employment opportunities?are there any scholarships avalable by the college?

Asked by Prarthana kaw over 1 year ago

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ayush sharma

ayush sharma

Economics Undergrad Student || dep. Marketing Head at Enactus ARSD

King's College London, one of the UK's oldest colleges located in the heart of London, is a top choice among international students applying to study in the UK. Students at King's benefit from a world-class university education at a famous Russell Group institute in the heart of the UK's lively city. It is among the world's top 50 universities. The Complete University Guide rankings 2022 place it sixth in the UK for Business & Management education. If you want to get into KCL, make sure you apply with a solid application. You will also have access to all of our digital careers education tools, courses, recordings, and guidelines through KEATS; details will be available through your graduate King's CareerConnect account. Through KEATS, you'll find career advice, resources, and interactive courses to help you improve your employability and success. At King's Careers & Employability, we offer cutting-edge career education, information, and resources to help you advance in your personal and professional life. According to the college, the number of scholarships available at King's College London will certainly grow this academic year. Most of these KCL scholarships are offered upon acceptance to King's College London. In addition to internal scholarships at King's College London, students can apply for external scholarships such as Chevening fellowships, Commonwealth scholarships, and so on. These are accepted at KCL and will cover the majority of the educational costs. 


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