How is an MBA different from a Master's in Management (MIM) in terms of knowledge acquisition and market value?

Asked by Poonam Soni about 2 years ago

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This much we all know that Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master in Management (MIM) share many similarities. But yeah, at the same time they are different in many ways. It’s good that you have picked the most important one; knowledge acquisition. Because the other things are quite common, that everyone is familiar with.

1. Knowledge acquisition -

An MBA is based on specialized industrial knowledge. It specifically means that the topics, electives, and areas of focus are all taken from the core business industry. And then it is mixed with case study to deliver practical knowledge to solve real-life problems in business and management. In other words, MBA courses are more business oriented filled with practical knowledge.

When you choose an MBA, you already know that it is to accelerate your career. For example, if you are looking for a promotion in your company, trying to apply for a bigger company, starting your own business like things. This is the primary goal of an MBA degree. Basically it takes from industry and teaches it to students.

Master in Management (MIM) however is made to build theoretical knowledge and to teach foundation in business & management. Here in MIM, you will find in-depth topics that will teach a specific subject. It will mainly be theory and most of your course will go around lectures, case study, discussions and projects. Whatever goes, MIM will always have a traditional teaching method; lots of classes and lots of studying.

Also, because it is a program for freshly graduated students, the things you will learn will seem to lead to deep learning from basic topics. For example, you will certainly study basic ethics like stuff.

2. Market value -

It's simple enough. MBA is more valuable. It's obviously situation dependent, but even so an MBA degree is most likely to be put above a MIM degree. The best way to understand this is the business schools. You know schools like LBS, HEC and INSEAD have ‘THE BEST’ MIM programs in the world, right? Still, they are mostly known for their MBA programs. It's because MBA is a global phenomenon which is targeted everywhere.

A MIM however is mainly rooted in European countries like the UK, France, Spain etc. It's true that now it is getting more recognition and many USA and Canadian b schools are adapting to it. Even so, all the dominating MIM programs are from Europe. Also because the program does not require work experience (as it is designed for fresh undergraduate students), the industry does not see a MIM degree as a very high level of education.

With a MIM degree, you are most likely to get an entry-level position in the job market. MBA however can land you a mid-level or even executive position in a company (given the situation & degree).

Did this solve your queries, or do you want some more details? Just let me know if I can offer some more specific information on this. Choosing between MBA and MIM can be tiring. We don’t want you to make an uninformed decision.


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