How good is the computer science master's from Arizona State University?

Asked by Ramu Rai over 1 year ago

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MentR-Me Team

ASU is one of the largest campuses in the US, and let's not forget that it receives a lot of funding for its research thanks to partnerships with NASA and, most recently, Google. Many jobs are available on campus, and with very little effort, you may land a very high-paying position at the college.

Most of ASU's CS professors are from GATECH, CMU, and UMCP, making them excellent instructors. Every CS course other colleges can't even think of is offered at ASU. They also allow you to choose the field you want to specialise in.

Most major corporations employ ASU students, including Google, Facebook, Amazon, and numerous startups. The college discreetly accomplishes amazing things without alerting other universities to its success. It was recently recognised as the top university for innovation in the US.

Lastly, CS at ASU is unquestionably top-notch if you take the correct classes and are prepared to work hard and study late into the night. But, on the other hand, if you don't work hard at ASU, you won't succeed. Therefore, I kindly request that all ASU CS applicants refrain from enrolling if they cannot devote at least 10 hours each day to diligent study.


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