How Good is Columbia University's MS Data Science?

Asked by Vijay Singh almost 2 years ago

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candice samuel

candice samuel

Recruiting Manager, Operations at Apple

I have been involved in MS Data Science courses in USA universities for  quite a while now. I was just answering how this very particular program from Columbia University is different from the rest of its options. I have gathered some really fascinating details, I hope this helps you.

While I was involved in this very particular matter, I happened to catch a few words with the program associate director at Columbia University. The MS degree in data science particularly in Columbia University has gone through changes. It's not like it needs improvement but rather consider it to be more relevant.

Compared to other MS in data science programs in the USA, Columbia University makes sure to keep its curriculum up to date as much as possible. Some may take it as a bad sign as it breaks the stability, but it doesn't really matter because the changes are made every year. It’s actually more beneficial so that you can get a degree that is advanced and along with your time.

MS in Data Science from Columbia University is one of the most sought-after advanced data science programs. Not just in the USA but globally. It is also high-rated in rankings and via the experts. Plus if you don’t know already,  Columbia University is quite famous for its science and technology courses. I would consider it a win-win if you are planning for the same program.

One more thing. Apart from the starting salaries and bigger job roles, this program focuses on the other important aspect after you graduate. See, the best feature of this program at Columbia University is that jobs you get with this degree are at the very best places in the world. Currently. Thousands of MS in Data Science graduates from Columbia University are working in companies like Apple, Amazon, Baidu, Deloitte and most known companies.

It is one of its reasons to be this famous program. Basically, you will start at the best  places to shape your career as per your wishes. I personally am very connected to this idea to apply for this program at Columbia University. If you want some guidance or information, just leave a comment. 


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