How good are the MMS/MIM programs at schools like LBS, Fuqua, LSE, HEC and their type, in terms of knowledge gained, career opportunities and return on capital invested?

Asked by Manoj Soni about 2 years ago

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ananya singh

ananya singh

Undergrad student

I believe I can answer for all four LBS, Fuqua, LSE and HEC. I have been involved in abroad services for Indian students. MMS/MIM programs are very common in European countries. The names you have put here are all the best ones for business management ones. I believe you will be satisfied by the information I have.

Knowledge gained
See the knowledge you gain from attending a MIM from these colleges are very specialized. You must already know that MIM courses are theoretical. But these schools are the ones that put even more focus on the topics they use for their MIM curriculum. But the thing to notice here is what kind of knowledge you get. These colleges may be a global name but their MIM is mostly Europe-oriented.

The MIM degrees at LBS, Fuqua, LSE and HEC are all mainly centric to European business and management. One reason for this is also the fact that MIM programs are not quite popular in other parts of the world. I suggest doing a MIM from these colleges if you are highly invested in the European market.

Career opportunities
The most common jobs you will get after doing a MIM would be entry-level positions. It can vary based on companies that you apply to, as they may have a demand for a bigger role. And given names like LBS, Fuqua, LSE and HEC, you can expect to get better options. But because the course is designed for young undergrad, mostly you won’t be starting with a big role.

The best career opportunities you're gonna get are from Europe based organizations. As already mentioned, MIMs are more popular there, so your degree will be mostly recognized in companies that are located there.

Return on capital invested
By this I generally mean the ROI, simply the value you get from your earnings. Because even if you are earning in six figures, it can be average based on your investment. An average HEC MIM graduate earns around 70-80 lakhs. After a few years of experience it can reach around 90 lakhs or even more. LBS and Fuqua have a difference of 10-15 lakhs. Basically they both range between 40-70 lakhs annually. But yah, LBS MIM degrees have better salaries. Lastly, LSE MIM graduates earn like 30-40 lakhs as starting salary.

To get the best return, it's basically HEC and LBS takes the prize. Both of these MIM tuition costs under 50 lakhs. By the way, Fuqua and LSE are not quite cheaper when compared.

There you have it. In terms of overall benefit, I would suggest going with either LBS or HEC. These two are more recognized and have higher ROI numbers. You can mention if you have any specific interests. I would be more than happy to reply. Thanks.


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