How do I pursue an MS in the UK?

Asked by Raj Singh about 2 years ago

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Rashmi Mehrotra

Rashmi Mehrotra

J.P. Morgan || LSR’ 19

Pursuing a master in science (MS) degree in the UK is not something to worry abou. Admission to UK universities only differs in some ways like for the preferred language test. It is safe to say though that the procedure is very standard and if understood, simple. Basic steps are preparing all necessary requirements and filling out applications.


The very first step is to decide on a program, then you search for the best universities. Keep in mind that you are to apply for multiple universities to build your chances. After you select a university, start preparing your academic transcripts. For example, undergraduate degree, school records etc. Keep your ID, passport and photos prepared. These will be the primary documents that you will submit with your application.

You are responsible to gather all required test scores as well. Based on the program standardized test scores are required to apply for a MS program in the UK. Like most MS, it will ask you to submit GRE test scores. Recently some universities have waived off this requirement. Even so, I would recommend submitting it anyway (for profile boosting). And most importantly, get an English language test prepared. European countries prefer IELTS over TOEFL. So in case you have a choice, go for IELTS.

When you are done with these, it's time for you to get on standard admission documents. SOP, LORs and Essays are the most important documents of your admission process. If not prepared effectively, it can cost you admission. This happens even with enough qualifications. SOP and LORs are basically suggested to prepare one-two months in advance. The Essays need more time to understand. So start practicing on your Essays now if possible.

Next step is your application. Go to the official website of the institute and select your program. Then apply for admission and submit all asked documents. While doing so, you will be asked somes questions. After answering, you will be eligible to submit your application. With this you are almost done with your admission process. The only important thing left for you to do is start your visa and scholarship procedure (given you get selected).

The UK is one of the top destinations for MS abroad. If you need any kind of help with your admission process, let me know. Or in case you are in between university selections, we can help evaluate your profile to get the best options for you in the UK. Hope it helps.


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