How can we avail scholarships for UK?

Asked by CSK SARAN KASYAP over 1 year ago

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Danish Ali Khan

Danish Ali Khan

MentR-Me Team

Study Abroad Expert

Most of the students struggle with the same dilemma of high international tuition fees. But, I have good news for you: there are hundreds of scholarships available- national, international. University , residential, non-residential etc that you can apply for.

The requirements of each scholarship are different and some are country/university/degree specific.

As you have not mentioned a specific university or degree, I will try my best to cover all the scholarship requirements that are most common.

Most of the time you will need to prepare the following documents:

Certificates of your previous education (first degree, school leaving exams etc.)

Letters of recommendation (work/academic)

Language certificate (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS)

Motivation letter

Curriculum Vitae (resume)

You sometimes need to provide examples of your past work (an essay etc.)

Make sure you provide your referee with the following:

the scholarship application information

an updated version of your CV

the most recent versions of the samples required for the application

a short paragraph on your accomplishments.

I hope this information was helpful. If you need details about a country or degree-specific scholarship feel free to connect with us at any time : 

If you are not sure which country or degree you want to apply for, don’t worry you got time.

Until then I would recommend you to start preparing for your other required exams like GMAT, IELTS, GRE etc and start working on your required documents for the scholarships.




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