What are the career prospects after MIM from the University of Manchester Business School?How well is it recognized in India?

Asked by Sanjana over 1 year ago

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Well for starters, the University of Manchester is one of the top UK universities. In terms of records and success, you can consider it a 100% success. For jobs and career prospects, the university is very much recognized and acknowledged. You can literally apply to any relevant company with a degree from the University of Manchester.

The Alliance Manchester Business School from the University of Manchester is like of the top #5 business schools in the USA. It is ranked 5th there and 27th worldwide in business school rankings. MIM from this business school is very popular and one of the most sought-after programs. It is designed for students that have no previous experience in management studies. In a way, you can state the MIM from this school is basically for management engineers.

Typically, the MIM graduates from Alliance Manchester Business School are working in a variety of management areas. You can either target public, private or non-profit sectors in management with this degree. The class profile of this MIM degree certainly supports this statement, showing a bunch of students dispersed in various management roles. The most famous areas you can target with this degree -

Finance & Banking
Tourism & leisure
IT & engineering
International Affairs Recruitment

The degree is also well recognized in India. If you wish to work in your home country after graduating, you can certainly do so. Compared to an Indian management degree, the MIM from the University of Manchester will be more considered as it is an international qualification. However, I suggest you choose a UK based firm to get the best ROI job in management.

Be assured, the University of Manchester is one of the top picks for management studies. Your money will be well spent. I am sure you would also want to know other things like how to apply to this university and what are the profile requirements. So hit me up with questions if you need any more information on this. 



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