What are the after-degree opportunities in the UK?Do students easily land a job after completing their MSC or any equivalent course?

Asked by Yashesh Vijay Rajyaguru over 1 year ago

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Muthanna Qudimat

Muthanna Qudimat

Microsoft Student Ambassador | A BCA Undergrad Student

It really depends on how much effort you put in. Like no one can assure you of 100% job satisfaction even if you apply to a country like the UK. Naturally, MSc degrees are a pretty big deal and most graduates from UK universities land a job in three or maximum of six months of graduation. So you have really good odds here but if I was you I would still keep my senses up.

Basically, there are no job placements in foreign universities. Instead, they arrange job fairs. What happens there is that you are required to network around and find job options by yourself. No one is going to give it to you, you have to initiate it. On one hand where it seems a little different, it is actually better. This way you get all the freedom and you can look for the relevant options based on your goals.

Did you know that over 5.5 million international students pursue higher education in the UK. This data was taken from the previous year that has been growing constantly. Do you think these many students keep targeting the UK if the job opportunities there aren't that good? A-tier universities in the UK have over 90% employment rate at least (many over 95%). These are some pretty impressive records.

However, if you want some specific job roles that are higher level than average you can always go for extra qualifications. For example many students after they complete their MSc, directly go for a PhD or certificate course to add calibre in their profile. This makes  them eligible for a whole new set of opportunities. Of-course it's not necessary, you can get jobs in the UK even with a bachelors but the difference would be in value.

The UK is a very good educational country. It offers up to 3 years of stay back in certain situations so that you can be job hunting to find the right one. 3 years is more than enough time. If you are looking for the best universities for MSc courses, try out the FREE SCHOOL EXPLORE tool here. It will generate a personalized list of schools based on your profile and preferences and will help in the school selection process.


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