Hi. I am a BAMS graduate from India. I want to do MPH. Which country is best for my masters?

Asked by Shabna about 2 years ago

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paul larsenee

paul larsenee

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For a second I got confused with the abbreviation here. Anyway, I understand you want suggestions for a Master in Public Health (MPH). Since you have not mentioned your scores or budget, I assume you are looking for the best options. So for the country I recommend you try the UK first.

It's not news that UK universities are way better for healthcare courses. Not just in general but for all levels of degrees like bachelor, masters, diploma, PhD and all. One of the main reasons is because of the research facilities in the country. The research-oriented courses are best known to be available in the UK. Whether it is in public health or technology or engineering.

Plus, if you look at all the relevant areas of public health like aging, medicine, physiotherapy and all, the UK has the best courses to do. If you choose, here's the universities I recommend:


  • University College London (UCL)
  • Imperial College of London
  • University of Edinburgh

MPH degrees are recognized internationally as crucial for professional advancement in public health. So I say your choice is pretty good here. Because it may be a  better option to do a management course in these situations but not in public health. Because it is a research based career, I suggest sticking with a MSc degree.

How about you share your GPA and other profile details? It will give a clear image on your available options. Who knows, maybe you can apply to one of the universities I mentioned for MPH courses. If you want detailed information for MPH courses, let me know in the comments and I’ll share the relevant information with you. 


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