Will I be able to do internships while studying in the US?

Asked by Listy Maria Shabu almost 2 years ago

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Puneet Singh

Puneet Singh

Tax Manager specializing in Expatriate US taxation and global mobility processes.

There is no right answer to whether you will be able to do internships while studying or not. A lot of students work part-time jobs and manage to pay their expenses like accommodation, travel, groceries etc. You can pay a certain amount of your tuition fee and also get some extra income for yourself via part-time jobs. 
There is a very minute difference between a part-time job and an internship and many students mix the two. Let me just clear both for you. A part-time job is nothing but a way to earn some side income. It may or may not be related to your field of study. 
An internship on the other hand is more like a project that pays. Students grab internships to get an industrial experience in their field of study. Here, income is not the focus rather exposure and skillset are the main highlights. If you are willing to work hard enough, there is a very less probability of you not being able to grab an internship for yourself. 
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