Which are the best and most affordable Universities in the US to do a Master's program in Computer science with a budget of around 15-20 Lakhs.?

Asked by Harsha over 1 year ago

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candice samuel

candice samuel

Recruiting Manager, Operations at Apple

With your budget, you have more than enough to spend. I’m saying this because recently I was going through computer science courses in the USA. And there are some top schools that are offering this program for somewhere around $20,000 - 25,000. This goes exactly as your planned budget of 15-20lakhs.

If you have done some research by yourself, you may be familiar with these names. And to be honest I really believe that these universities are some really good ones. Here take a look -

1. University of California - Berkeley
2. Carnegie Mellon University
3. Georgia Institute of Technology
4. University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign

First of all, UC Berkeley is a top-tier university. Students opt for this school just to get a UC Berkeley degree. They are world-renowned and highly regarded. A Masters in CS sounds like a perfect match for you in this school. The graduates from these schools have already achieved enough to prove their worth. And if you are wondering, the research areas in UC Berkeley - Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) department are very good.

Georgia Institute of Technology has a BS/MS course option. With this, you can do a combined degree in five years. It may not suit your needs but still, it is a great option. And for students that want their entire education abroad, this can be a win-win. The other two, Carnegie Mellon and Illinois are more certified and accredited schools. I mean they are mostly good for academics.

Apart from this, you can also look for scholarships as they can surely make some of the other top-shot universities to be a bit affordable for you. The only concern here is that the scholarships are provided on the basis of academic records, extra-curricular achievements, entrance test scores, exceptional work experience etc. 

Why don't you tell me more about your profile? Maybe then I would be able to check which all scholarships can be availed in your case. 


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