Hi, Mamatha here, I would like know about study abroad in Canada. I'm 2019 passed out. I'm having 2yrs of gap in between then after I joined in Capgemini working as a software developer.?

Asked by Bethala Mamatha about 1 year ago

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Hey, Canada does not let the study gap become a hurdle in a student’s life. It is quite flexible to offer 2 years of study gap. For postgraduates, this gap can extend up to 5 years.

Canadian institutions have proven their excellence in an array of fields, including engineering, telecommunications, aerospace, and other areas of education. Studying in Canada is comparatively affordable, although tuition fee varies based on the university and the program selected by the student. However, there is high competition to secure a seat.

A student can study in Canada only if:

A student should have a GIC account with CAD 10,000. It would act as documentation proof of having enough money to pay for tuition fees, living expenses, transportation fees, and other costs. 
Students must have a letter of acceptance from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI).
Study permit issued by an officer (not indispensable for a course/program which is six months or less).
Follow all the rules and regulations of the government and the candidate should not have any criminal record. 
The student is required to submit health proof. 
Need to prove that they will leave Canada once your study is over.

Note - A student may be eligible to work in Canada while studying if their study permit states that they can work both on or off-campus. Moreover, a student would require a work permit if their study program includes a required co-op or internship placement.

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