Hi, I wish to pursue masters in USA but I had 17 backlogs in my bachelor's, which Universities am I eligible for?

Asked by Ashutosh Sharma over 1 year ago

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Hey, unfortunately the maximum number of backlogs accepted by US Universities is 15 and not more than that. 

The list of US universities accepting backlogs is: 

Kent State University
Wright State University
Wichita State University
Pace University.

There are a number of factors that determine how many backlogs are allowed for MS in USA, like:

GPA - One of the key factors which can be used to examine your academic performance by any university is your GPA. Therefore, if you have a high GPA, despite having backlogs, there are chances of you getting accepted into the university.

Subjects with backlogs - The chance of getting rejected at a university is higher if the course you have a backlog in, is related to the course/ program you’ve chosen at that particular university. For instance, if you have applied to an engineering course, having a backlog in subjects like psychology will do you no harm.

Time taken to clear backlogs - If you have repetitive backlogs, or multiple attempts clearing a backlog, it is quite possible that your application would be rejected. On the other hand, having a single backlog will not lead to a rejection.

Backlog status - Respectable, reputed universities in the US which have been ranked high internationally, will not accept students with an active backlog status. Therefore, it is essential for you to submit a backlog certificate showcasing an inactive backlog status.

Let me know if this was helpful. 


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