Hi, I will complete my UG in 2023 in Mechanical engineering. I am looking for MS in computer science in the USA. Would it be a good idea to take CS or should I go for any other course?

Asked by R.Charanjeeth Reddy over 1 year ago

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Prakhar Tyagi

Prakhar Tyagi

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There are 100s references of students getting into the pinnacle CS applications in the world like MIT, Stanford, UPenn, CMU, Columbia, and Toronto. I know quite a lot about this topic, so I'll share what I think is best for you.

Shifting from a pure CS master's post to a Mechanical Engineering bachelor's would be quite difficult. Database Management Systems, Operating Systems, Object Oriented Programming, and Data Structures and Algorithms. You will lack some or all of this as a mechanical engineering student.

Also, considering the competition, masses of applicants with CS backgrounds will use MSCS programs. Subsequently, the university would not sincerely have a compelling purpose to select you over them.

If you'd like to shift to CS roles and a career in computer science and related fields, you can do one amongst the following:

Get some work experience in the IT region and follow for an MIS or BA degree: 

  • The job roles can take you into core science or product development facts. MIS applications have core CS guides like DBMS in their curriculum, which will aid your transition.
  • Also, MIS applications will take you in even if you graduate with a non-CS bachelor's.

Get work experience and follow software program engineering programs

  • Software engineering programs are also no longer as strict as the requirements. You can count them on.
  • This will allow you to shift to the software zone as well. So you can think about going down this course if you want.

You can also practice for a Data Science master's degree if you have a robust lookup ride or work journey. But maintain the idea that these publications are very selective and will require a sturdy math historical past in your undergraduate.


Hope this helps.


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