Hi i want to do my masters in cyber security can you guys suggest any best colleges or universities in USA?

Asked by Adithya Vishnu teja potluri about 2 years ago

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Blake Prescher

Blake Prescher

Senior Expert Blockchain Research

To begin with, your selection for the country is already looking good. The USA is a hub for science and technology. Compared to any other country, the USA has the best cybersecurity and related courses available. I have some universities that are top notch providers for masters in cybersecurity there.


  • University of California, Berkeley
  • George Washington University
  • University of Maryland
  • Mercyhurst University

UC Berkeley is hands down the best destination to do a cybersecurity masters. They have a Master of Information and Cybersecurity (MICS) program that can be completed in less than 2- years. The tuition fee for the program is higher than any other names on the list (around 90 lakhs total). So I recommend aiming for this university if you have a sizable budget.

George Washington University is yet another nice addition for a masters in cybersecurity. You can do a masters in cybersecurity from George Washington for a tuition around 50 lakhs in total. Though it still might seem expensive, the caliber of the university justifies it's cost. A degree from either UC Berkeley or George Washington is enough to make you a good candidate to apply at scientific firms and companies in the USA.

University of Maryland and Mercyhurst University are your cheaper options. Basically, you can complete a masters in cybersecurity from these two universities under a budget of 30 lakh tuition for the entirety of the program. I listed these options so that you would have enough flexibility to make a decision. Let me know how it pans out.

You also need to make sure that your profile aligns with the course requirement at these schools. I suggest you take the FREE School Explore Quiz first and then look at school options. It will generate a personalized school list based on your profile and preferences. Then it would be a lot easier for you to narrow down your school options. 



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