Hi, I want only Duolingo English Test Score Is it available to apply universities?

Asked by Kamjula Sravani almost 2 years ago

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ishita goyal

ishita goyal

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Many schools are now adopting Duolingo online exams as an alternative to IELTS and TOEFL due to the epidemic since these examinations are not available in many regions.


The Duolingo test is a computer-based English proficiency examination considered at par with Cambridge English Exams, PTE and TOEFL. It is simple to conduct and is affordable for students seeking admission abroad. 


The primary advantage of this test is students can take it from anywhere and it has a duration of just an hour. Results are available within the next two days. Due to such convenience, more than 3,000 institutions globally recognize the DET test scores for English proficiency.


1,326 universities in the USA accept Duolingo test scores for enrolling students. Some of these reputed institutions are listed below– 


Yale University - minimum score 120

Harvard University - minimum score 125

Cornell University - minimum score 120  

NYU Stern School of Business - minimum score 120  

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - minimum score 120 

University of California Berkeley - minimum score 115

University of Pennsylvania - minimum score 120 

Johns Hopkins University - minimum score 120

You need to check the universities accepting the Duolingo score as well as catering to your choice of course. 


If you need any help with the same, just let me know what course do you wish to pursue and also if you have any country preferences. I shall then help you with suitable information. 


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