I have 6 overall band and 5 in one module in IELTS. Am I eligible to apply for a Canadian student visa?

Asked by Shivani over 1 year ago

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Divyakshi  Gupta

Divyakshi Gupta

Study Abroad Expert

I don’t mean to break your heart but a 6 points IELTS score won’t be of much use to you as all good universities accept a minimum score of 7 points. 
But here’s the thing, you have don’t have a limit to give the IELTS attempt. So I suggest you to prepare more and give another attempt and aim at at least 8 points so that you can score somewhere around 7-7.5, 
If you have any dream university, then you should also check out their specific score requirement because it varies from university to university. 
Also, if you need any help in preparing for IELTS, you can get IELTS test prep tips, tricks and FREE resources curated by Study Abroad Experts and top school alumni to ace your IELTS. 
Let me know if you need any other information or assistance is required from my end. 




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