Hi, I have completed my BA Hons, and MA in Economics. Want to study in Canada in the best specialization without giving the GMAT.?

Asked by Shubhi Ahluwalia over 2 years ago

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Aman Soren

Aman Soren

MentR-Me Team

Country Expert : Canada

Yes, students who prefer to apply for a Master of Business Administration in Canada can get admitted and accept GMAT scores. However, this choice applies to those with different skills that show high-quality educational and professional achievement, exceeding the desire for the GMAT. Alternatively, some universities may require GRE scores or various entrance checks as an alternative to the GMAT. 

To be eligible for a GMAT waiver, candidates should meet other admission requirements for an MBA in Canada. The standards for enrollment are similarly elaborated in the course of the article; as specific information on the eligibility, utility procedure, and other essential information. 

Some of the fundamental admission necessities for making use of barring a GMAT include: 

  • GRE scores.
  • IELTS/TOEFL rankings (mainly for global students).
  • A GPA of more than 3 (undergraduate or postgraduate degrees).
  • Minimum two years of work (depending on the bachelor's degree duration).
  • Two or more letters of recommendation.
  • A resume of your complete educational and professional experience (including paid or unpaid internships).

GMAT waivers can be seen in many cases nowadays. However, if you skip it you are left with limited options. Why would you want to limit yourself if you are spending a ton of money and your time on education abroad? If possible I would recommend attempting the GMAT. It will only make your chances better.


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