Hi, i have completed bams , and what r the career option after bams in usa?

Asked by preetinder kaur about 2 years ago

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I'm a BAMS graduate exploring career possibilities in the USA. Despite Ayurveda not being a licensed medical practice there, I've discovered numerous opportunities. Considering further education, such as a postgraduate degree in health sciences or public health, to broaden my career prospects is on my radar. This type of degree can unlock diverse pathways in the USA, including roles in research institutions, healthcare administration, or even teaching.

Exploring the option of working as an Ayurvedic consultant in wellness and holistic health centers is also on my list. I believe our BAMS background can provide a unique perspective in such settings. Additionally, I'm keen on opportunities in the herbal and natural product industry, given the growing interest in natural remedies in the USA. It's all about discovering where our knowledge aligns best and can be most impactful.


Yash Mothia

Yash Mothia

MentR-Me Team

Upon completing BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) in the USA, a sea of career possibilities opens up within the healthcare sector. It's worth noting that the acceptance and practice of Ayurvedic medicine in the USA can differ, and practitioners often need to navigate state regulations and licensing criteria. Here are some exciting career paths to consider:

Ayurvedic Practitioner:

Explore the practice of Ayurvedic medicine, ensuring alignment with state regulations and acquiring necessary certifications or licenses.

Health and Wellness Consultant:

Offer comprehensive health and wellness consulting, sharing insights into Ayurvedic principles, lifestyle adjustments, and natural remedies.

Ayurvedic Research and Education:

Immerse yourself in Ayurvedic research or contribute to Ayurvedic education within academic institutions or research organisations.

Ayurvedic Spa and Wellness Centers:

Join Ayurvedic spas or wellness centers, providing traditional treatments, massages, and therapies rooted in Ayurveda.

Nutrition and Diet Consulting:

Guide individuals in their dietary choices based on Ayurvedic principles, crafting nutrition plans that align with Ayurvedic concepts.

Herbal Product Development:

Play a role in developing Ayurvedic herbal products, collaborating with companies focused on herbal medicine or natural products.

Health Journalism and Writing:

Publish Ayurvedic knowledge through health journalism, writing articles, blogs, or books on holistic health practices.

Integrative Medicine Clinics:

Collaborate with integrative medicine clinics that integrate Ayurvedic practices alongside conventional medicine.

Public Health and Health Promotion:

Contribute to public health initiatives, advocating overall health practices, preventive healthcare, and Ayurvedic principles.

Community Health and Outreach:

Engage in community health initiatives, conducting Ayurvedic workshops, seminars, and outreach programs to increase awareness.

Before embarking on any career path, it's vital to thoroughly research and understand the legal and regulatory landscape for practicing Ayurvedic medicine in the specific state of interest. Some states may impose licensing or certification requirements for practitioners of alternative and complementary medicine.

Furthermore, building connections with professionals in the field, joining relevant associations, and staying informed of industry developments can significantly contribute to a flourishing career in Ayurvedic medicine in the USA.

Neha Shrivastava

Neha Shrivastava

Student of MITS College

Ayurveda is growing in popularity, though it's important to note that Ayurvedic practice is not regulated as a medical profession in the same way as conventional medicine. However, there are several career paths you can explore. But, before that, congratulations on completing your BAMS degree.

Coming to the topic, one option is to become an Ayurvedic wellness consultant or counselor in aggregate health centers, spas, or wellness clinics. These roles involve offering lifestyle and dietary advice based on Ayurvedic principles. Another path is in research and education, where you can contribute to the integration of Ayurvedic practices with Western medicine. Additionally, you might consider roles in pharmaceuticals, focusing on herbal and natural products.

Further education, like a Master's in Public Health or a certification in nutrition or wellness, can broaden your opportunities. Networking and joining professional organisations in the field of alternative medicine can also be invaluable. Remember, your unique background in Ayurveda can be a significant asset in the diverse landscape of health and wellness in the USA.


sourav grover

sourav grover

Business Finance | Venture Capital | IIM Calcutta

You can not practice as a Medical practitioner as Ayurveda is not accepted here.
But it is included in the Complimentary and Alternative System of Medicine( CAM
). So you can run Ayurveda Wellness Centres, which are licensed for doing
Massage and Bodywork.
You can practice Ayurveda treatments there, but invasive therapies in Panchakarma are
not allowed in the USA.
I would suggest you look for alternatives to practice medicine in the USA or stay in India
to practise as an Ayurvedic practitioner. 
in India, there is a broad scope for you after completing BAMS 
 The areas which are available for a BAMS graduate to build a career successfully are:

 Clinical practice- In India, there are various traditions of Ayurvedic practice
like Panchbhautik Chikitsa, Nadi Pariksha, Dhatu Chikitsa, etc. Students can
learn such rules and follow them in their practice.
 Academics-Students, who cannot get the opportunity for MD, can go for post-
graduate diplomas available in various subjects such as Panchakarma, Balaroga,
 Research-Apart from MD and PhD courses, there are other good courses useful
for a career in research, such as MSc or PG Diploma in Clinical Research.
 Management and administration-MPH (Masters in Public Health), MHA (Masters
in Health Administration) and MBA (Hospital and Healthcare management) are in
great demand.
 Drug manufacturing-production of Ayurvedic medicines and other allied aspects
such as the cultivation of medicinal plants, trading raw materials in powder,
extracts, oils, etc.
Medical transcription, medical tourism, medical event management, medical journalism,
medical photography and documentation are also fields with a bright future.


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