Hi, I got 6.5 (writing 5.5) after 5 times appearing in IELTS. What should I do now?I am tired of giving IELTS so many times. Can I get visa with this results?

Asked by Hetvi Thakkar over 1 year ago

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Ruben Osbon

Ruben Osbon

Director at Tax Resolution - Tax Relief Solutions for Businesses and Individuals

I am sorry to break it to you but your IELTS score is on the edge. What I mean is your While many universities can consider your application with an improved IELTS score, you would have to work really hard for it.

Don’t worry, IELTS score is an important factor but definitely not the only deciding parameter for your admission. If you manage to highlight other aspects of your profile where you come across as a good candidate, you can definitely have a shot.

If you are wondering, the other factors that you can consider are:
1. GRE/GMAT score

2. Bachelor’s GPA

3. Work Experience

4. Extracurricullars

And if you manage to get an improved IELTS score in your second attempt, that would definitely be an add-on. 




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