Hi, I am thinking of pursuing my BBA in Germany. Can you suggest some universities in Germany that offers English courses for international students?

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BBA in Germany is a route with three to 3.5-years of dimension via the capability of using several private and public universities. Bachelor's in Business Administration is usually furnished as a BSc or BA diploma in Germany. The route fee relies upon the structure of the corporation agency chosen and would per threat go up to 14,500 Euro per 12 months for personal schools. Indian university college students can estimate a complete each and every and each 12 months cost of 12.8 Lakh INR.

German Visa Process
A German scholar visa is compulsory for Non-EU nationals who want to pursue their studies in Germany. You will select a visa that prices seventy 5 EUR (~6600 INR) and lets you accumulate a residence and allow you to proceed to be in Germany. The visa processing time is about 25 days. The insurance plan format insurance plan policies for German work visas are blissful evident from the truth that almost 70% of university university university college students proceed to be forestalled as unexpectedly as higher post-graduation. The suggestions for a German visa include:


  • Application structure and a cowl letter declaring the motive and measurement of your stay
  • A actual passport
  • Two current-day photographs
  • Acceptance letter from a German university
  • Transcript of tutorial record
  • A German language Genius certificate or proof that you intend on pursuing a language route in Germany
  • Proof of legit non-public or public fitness insurance
  • Declaration of the authenticity of archives submitted
  • May in addition pick out proof of no longer having any criminal documents and/or being free of incredible diseases.
  • Proof of your economic recognition to discover out about in Germany (EUR 8,700 per year)

Following are some of the pinnacle destinations:

  1. Berlin School of Business and Innovation
  2. ESB Business School
  3. Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
  4. SRH Hochschule Berlin
  5. University of Hamburg

Feel free to ask anything else.


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