I'm currently pursuing my BBA and I'm almost completing my graduation in 2022 June. I'm looking for my master's in business analytics from abroad which country should I look for I only have some 4 months of internship experience but I have a good academic score of 9.8 CGPA. Please recommend some good universities for the same, preferably Canada and UK?

Asked by Bhoomika Sharma about 1 year ago

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Nipun Mahajan

Nipun Mahajan


Your country preferences for a master's in business analytics are already on the right track as Canada and UK both are amongst the most sought after destinations for the course. This is because of the fact that both Canada and the UK are home to some of the world-renowned universities and guarantee the much-needed knowledge and practical skillset to make you industry-ready. While the options are endless, I have created a list of the most popular universities in both Canada and the UK that you can look into-

MS in Business Analytics in Canada

1. Toronto Rotman School of Management
2. HEC Montreal
3. UBC Sauder’s School of Business
4. Queen Smith’s School of Business
5. Western Ivey Business School


MS in Business Analytics in UK

1. University of Manchester
2. University of Warwick
3. Loughborough University
4. University of Bath
5. Lancaster University

All these universities have specific profile requirements and since you mentioned that you have a 9.8 CGPA in your bachelor’s I am assuming that your overall profile would be strong enough for all these universities. With overall profile I mean along with your academic score, your extracurricular, entrance test scores, work experience (if any), all would be taken into consideration so that you fulfil the university’s eligibility criteria. 

A huge possibility is that your profile may be eligible for a lot of other good universities as well. Now I know it can be quite difficult to find out which all universities align with your profile. To make it a bit easier, you can check out the FREE school explore tool created by experts. It will generate a list of ideal schools that match your profile and preferences and definitely make your school selection process painless. 

Let me know if you want me to help you further regarding any university or admission process in general. 


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