Hey, one of my friends got the TOEFL result mentioned below. Can he apply to Canada for the PG diploma course in Lab technician?L 24, R25, W25 and S21?

Asked by Rutvik over 1 year ago

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Shrikant Goyal

Shrikant Goyal

Founder at WALT INDIA

Basically adding up your score, 24+25+25+21, it adds up to 95 exactly. PG diploma courses in Canada definitely require a language test score. Either it be TOEFL or IELTS or any other alternative, they are all accepted. However, TOEFL is what is preferred by Canadian universities, therefore you are already one step cleared.

For whether your friend can apply to Canada for the PG diploma course in Lab Technician or not, YES he can! A TOEFL iBT score of 95 is more than enough to apply for master level programs in Canada. In general, around 90 TOEFL is considered as an average and a good score. So not only your friend has enough, but his score falls under the good category.

But having a TOEFL score is enough to get admission in a pg diploma course in Canada. I wouldn't say the same thing for other countries though because apparently Canadian universities are very rich in diplomas and certificate courses. Compared to other countries like the USA and UK, you will find more pg diploma programs in Canada. Plus they're offered in top universities, so no degradation in education quality.

One more thing. You will also have to pay some attention to your GRE score. Because the GRE is like a very important test score. It is also important in your scholarship process. So if you want to reduce your expenses and increase the chances of enrollment, prepare with some extra care. This should be enough for now. Let me know if you have some other queries.


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