Hey,my graduation in Engineering had completed recently, and I'm so confused that which University will give me an offer letter. So can you suggest in which University I can apply to for my masters?

Asked by Kedar Bhavsar about 1 year ago

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candice samuel

candice samuel

Recruiting Manager, Operations at Apple

Hello, before you look for universities, you need to finalize which country you want to go to and then look for the universities with the best scholarship programs, affordable fees, eligibility criteria, etc. It also depends upon what kind of engineering you have done. Though there are some suggestions for you to look into:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Nanyang Technological University.
The University of Oxford.
Aalborg University.
Stanford University.
California Institute of Technology
ETH Zurich - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
Imperial College London
University of Cambridge
Yale University
Just ask us if you want to know about any of the above-mentioned universities.



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