Hey! I've done my BTech in civil engineering with 61%. I've written my IELTS, got 7.5 and in GRE I got 321. What would be the best country for me to do masters in civil engineering/ construction management?Can I know some universities around the world that could offer the best course work and also fit my profile?

Asked by Akshay Parvathala almost 2 years ago

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candice samuel

candice samuel

Recruiting Manager, Operations at Apple

Hey Akshay, how are you doing?

So first of all bravo on the excellent IELTS and GRE score. You are more than good to go as this score will boost your application to the next level. 

Coming towards your question, for your master choices, it's definitely the United States. Yes, I know it will cost more and yes, other countries have good options too. But the USA is the hub of civil/construction management. Most partnered organizations in the field operate their headquarters in the USA. Not to mention, the current economic developments, that are encouraging the development of social science more. I can name a few institutes that will be more eventful to you. These are top-quality institutes and offer both civil engineering and construction programs.

  1. University of California - Berkeley
  2. University of Illinois
  3. Georgia Institute of Technology
  4. University of Texas - Austin
  5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Now you might lean towards MIT. No denying it's the best tech institute globally. However, I would personally recommend Berkeley as the best choice. Berkeley ranks #2 for engineering schools and remains in top spots for civil/construction engineering. And it's not just about rankings, it's what they represent. The graduation rate, employment percentage, earning capabilities etc.

Apart from this, finding out the best universities that also match your profile, is a big task. I am here to help you with that task. You can evaluate your profile for free at https://bit.ly/3JLXrwB 

This will help you in creating a blueprint of your profile and also guide you for the best universities. 



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