Hey I’m looking to study BBA in Canada i got 65% in my high school?

Asked by Gautam gupta over 1 year ago

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vandana sinha

vandana sinha

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BBA in Canada: Bachelor of Business Administration in Canada is the most sought-after UG degree program. BBA in Canada is a 4-year program at top business schools in Canada. The tuition fees for BBA from Canadian universities for International students is from $25,000 to $30,000 annually. For Indian students, this approximates 18.5 lakh-22.18 lakh.

If you are interested in pursuing BBA in Canada after 12th, the admission requirements include a high school score of 80%; with core subjects like calculus. Additionally, Canadian universities and study permit need you to submit IELTS scores of 6.5. Though most students opt for pursuing an MBA in Canada or other popular study destinations after completion of BBA in Canada. However, for those who wish to work after completing their degree program, you can expect to earn around $43,984 on average.




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