Hey I’m looking at fashion business management courses?Can you suggest the best courses along with schools that I can target?

Asked by Smriti Bhansali almost 2 years ago

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Steven Mizell

Steven Mizell

Student Athlete

Well there are too many options available for you. Maybe not a few years back but now, it is like raining courses in fashion and design. Even top universities abroad are implementing BSc and MA degrees in Fashion and integrated management courses.

For your best course options, I can think of these ones -

  • Fashion Marketing
  • Fashion Management
  • International Fashion & Design
  • Fashion Design Management
  • Luxury Fashion Management
  • Strategic Fashion Management

Fashion marketing or a standard fashion management are the most ideal options for you. Like if you are still in the early stage and not sure of a career field in fashion business management, opt for any one of these. Otherwise there are other names on the list that are more directional. In general, these are the most popular ones and hence you have more chances to find courses under these programs abroad.

An international fashion degree will be more useful to work in business areas of fashion and design. While a management degree is better for administrative jobs in the  field. These are areas like luxury, strategy, marketing, design to meet your needs.

For colleges, I suggest choosing carefully. Because fashion and design is a very location dependent degree. Like students that target courses under the subject with specific interests. For example, someone may want to work in European fashion, specifically with the UK or Italy. Same way, maybe someone prefers the USA. My school suggestions are -


  1. Fashion Institute of Technology - New York (USA)
  2. FIDM Los Angeles  - Los Angeles (USA)
  3. London College of Fashion - London(UK)
  4. Politecnico di Milano - Milan (Italy)
  5. RMIT University - Melbourne (Australia)

Suggesting courses and schools would be much better if I had a glance at your profile. Because your options can change drastically based on your qualifications. So leave your profile details in the comments below and I will share the relevant information with you.


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