Hey I'm from India And I want to study Business administration undergraduate in Germany.Which are the best public universities that can cost free tution fee?

Asked by Aishwarya about 2 years ago

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Muthanna Qudimat

Muthanna Qudimat

Microsoft Student Ambassador | A BCA Undergrad Student

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) in Germany is a course with 3 to 3.5-years of duration offered

by numerous private and public universities. Bachelor in Business Administration is generally offered as a

BSc or BA degree in Germany. The course fee depends on the type of institution chosen and might go up

to 14,500 Euro per year for private schools. Indian students can estimate a complete yearly expense of

12.8 Lakh INR. 

Berlin School of Business and Innovation

ESB Business School, Reutlingen University

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

SRH Hochschule Berlin

University of Hamburg

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Free University of Berlin 

Despite being one of the most pocket-friendly nations when it comes to education, additional living costs

or tuition fees if studying in a public university can be high. But a variety of scholarships offered for

international students in Germany can help you cover that.

Scholarship name

MAWISTA Scholarship

Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarships

DeutschlandStipendium National Scholarship Programme

British Council IELTS Award 2020

Your monthly living expenses include food, rent, books, among other miscellaneous costs that add up to

777 Euros. This is about 69,000 INR for Indian students. For a three-year course like BBA, expect the

total number to be 2300 Euros. This is exclusive of your tuition or semester fee. Students are allowed up

to 20 hours of part-time during which they can earn up to 900 Euro per month. During vacation, one can

work full time 

A German student visa is mandatory for Non-EU nationals who wish to pursue their education in

Germany You will need a national visa which costs 75 EUR (~6600 INR) and allows you to obtain a

resident permit to stay in Germany.



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