Help me to choose the college for the Postgraduate course after my BBA in QUEBEC?

Asked by Serena over 1 year ago

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Chirag Galundia

Chirag Galundia

Principal Product Manager Amazon

After BBA, I don’t think there is anything more lucrative than that of an MBA, you can either go for an MBA or MiM. Also, Québec is an amazing place to study in Canada, it is one of the most iconic places in Canada, where one can pursue their studies. It is so connected with the French identity and it;s cultural heritage, I genuinely love that place. 

Ok, now let’s come back to your question, here is a list of some amazing universities that you can apply for after the completion of your Bachelor’s in Business Administration:


  • McGill University: This university is considered to be one the best for the masters in Canada, it has a huge number of students from around 150 countries in the world. 
  • University of Montreal: One of the leading universities in Canada and the best in the world when it comes to research and training. It is one of the most sought-after universities in Quebec. 
  • Université Laval or Laval University: Laval University was founded in 1663 and is a very diverse educational institution, providing over 500 programs to the students. 

Which university attracts you the most among these, or is there any other university you would like to talk about. 


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