Hello, I’m in the 4th semester with 11 backlogs. I have attempted the past semesters’ backlog subjects almost 45 times till now excluding the present backlogs. So am I eligible to study abroad?

Does us, uk, europe etc consider the attempted times as backlogs?

Asked by V Jayanth about 2 years ago

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ananya singh

ananya singh

Undergrad student

I know it can be a bit difficult to figure out if you are eligible to apply for a certain university/country, considering you have some backlogs.  You can look at a list of universities with a relatively high acceptance rate like - 

1. University of Illinois

2. Arizona State University

3. University of Delaware

4. Michigan State University

5. Texas A&M University

While this is just a general list, you can definitely get more universities that have a higher acceptance rate.

What you also need to keep in mind is that these universities have various other judging parameters like extracurricular achievements, work experience, entrance exam scores etc. which help them figure out if you are the right fit for their university. I know that the bachelor grade requirement is also set but if you have all these other factors in your profile, it would surely give you an edge.

Why don't you tell me more about your profile? Maybe then I would be able to check if your overall profile matches the requirements of these universities or any other universities that you wish to target for that matter. 

Prateeksha  Manral

Prateeksha Manral

MentR-Me Team

Having multiple backlogs can complicate the process of studying abroad, but it does not completely bar you from international education opportunities. Admission to foreign universities often involves a comprehensive review of your entire application, not just your academic performance. However, having a significant number of backlogs, especially if they are unresolved, might limit your options and require you to take additional steps.

First, focus on clearing your backlogs. Universities in countries like the USA, Canada, and Australia typically require a complete transcript with no pending backlogs at the time of application. Once your backlogs are cleared, you can strengthen your application with a solid Statement of Purpose (SOP) that explains your past academic struggles and how you have worked to overcome them.

Moreover, consider applying to pathway programs that offer a bridge into major universities for students who may not meet the direct entry requirements. These programs often provide additional academic support and can help you adjust to the academic rigor expected abroad.



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