Hello, My UG and PG are complicated in India in the commerce field, but my UG GPA is 2.7 out of 4, and my PG has 57% will any university in the US accept this for MSBA or MIS program?

Asked by Riddhi over 1 year ago

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Kimaya Nigam

Kimaya Nigam

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To begin with, it's important to define what is meant when we say a student has a low GPA. One basic rule of thumb is that any GPA below 3.0 puts you in the lower range for most universities in the country, as is the case in the United States of America. The meaning of a low GPA depends primarily on your own goals and target colleges. Here is a list of universities in the USA that accept low GPAs for master's degrees if you are dissatisfied with your grade point average.

University of Maryland Eastern Shore

  1. Oakwood University
  2. Stillman College
  3. Talladega College
  4. University of Advancing Technology
  5. University of Alaska Southeast
  6. The University of Arkansas at Monticello
  7. Arkansas Baptist College
  8. The University of Arkansas at Monticello
  9. The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
  10. Lincoln University

Explain your poor academic performance. You can do this in an interview, a personal statement, an SOP, or both. You can consider drafting a different letter in this regard.

A strong statement of purpose or personal statement will be very helpful.

Highlight the subjects or study areas where you scored higher — Even though your overall score was poor, you can still draw attention to the subjects where you did well.

Successful completion of tests like the GRE or GMAT will enhance your application.

Concentrate on the other components of your application, such as relevant internships, project experience, personal talents, and areas of specialization.

Enroll in additional, brief certification courses, online or off, to demonstrate your growing skill set to the admissions committee.

Although receiving a low GPA may feel like a terrible error, it is in no way the end of the world. 


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