Hello my name is siddhant lokhande currently I am studying in Agriculture business management (ABM) In second year after that I want to complete my master's from USA plz tell me universities?

Asked by Siddhant sanjay lokhande over 1 year ago

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Danish Ali Khan

Danish Ali Khan

MentR-Me Team

Study Abroad Expert

Agriculture has always been critical to an economy's survival. Technology, like everything else, has infiltrated the field of agriculture and proven to be beneficial. Studying Agriculture courses in US universities and at one of the top institutions will help you learn the fundamentals of agriculture as well as the advancements that this sector has seen. You will understand the utility of various technologies in addition to new cropping methods, farm maintenance, and hybrid techniques. The following are some of the best agricultural universities in the United States:

Cornell University
University of Wisconsin-Madison
University of California Davis
Texas A&M University
Iowa State University
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