I'm a 3rd year undergrad student and I want to go for MS in Australia in Computer Science field. So, just wanted to know the cost of the same if we exclude University fees.?

Asked by Mansi Vasani about 2 years ago

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Shruti g

Shruti g

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Hi Mansi, how are you doing?

I hope you complete your undergrad with the best scores. And about your decision to go for an MS in the computer science field in Australia, nice choice. I want to start by mentioning that computer science (CS) areas are among the top choices among international students to pursue in Australia. 

Now, I see that you are looking at the cost of living in Australia. Well to answer it straight, you will need approx AUD 1,500 to 2,500 monthly based on location. In general, I would suggest you keep a budget under 1 lakh/month just to be assured. This expense covers all your basic requirements. For example, rent/accommodation, food, transport, and other social expenses. I’m not counting the additional expense you may see fit to spend as per your interest.

Keep in mind that the cost of living in Australia for international students is highly location-dependent. It means, unlike other countries, living in major cities in Australia like Sydney, Melbourne and Perth are going to cost a marginal gap of your living expenses. So choose wisely before selecting an Australian university for abroad studies. 

As a fact, the Australian Government specifies AUD 20,290 (around INR 11 lakhs) as the minimum amount required to cover living costs that goes for a 12-month period.

That being said, the expense differs according to the area that you live in.

Let me know if you are interested to know which universities could cost you the most affordable. 


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