Hello. I just want to know about universities in uk For digital marketing without ielts or any exams. Is there any chance to get in any university without ielts?

Asked by Priyanshi Chudasama almost 2 years ago

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Neha Shah

Neha Shah

Undergrad Student at Miranda House

Many international students are unaware that they can pursue an MSc in Digital Marketing in the UK without taking the IELTS exam. IELTS can be readily waived off if the students successfully fulfil specific standards, even though it is considered a prerequisite for applications. Strong results in this exam improve applicants' applications. Most UK institutions evaluate candidate's English language proficiency based on their senior secondary and matriculation marks. The universities admit students with grades greater than 60% in both academic levels. Additionally, the IELTS requirement is removed if the student attends a school that offers English as a second language. The following universities in the UK offer a master's degree in digital marketing without IELTS:

Loughborough University
MSc in Digital Marketing
University of Southampton
MSc in Digital Marketing
King's College London
MSc in Digital Marketing
University of Dundee
MSc in Digital and Social Media Marketing
Heriot-Watt University
MSc International Marketing with Digital Marketing
University of Strathclyde
MSc in Digital Marketing Management
University of Reading
MSc in Marketing (Digital Marketing)




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