Hello! I have done my degree in Geology and my Masters in Petroleum Technology. I want to take an interesting course in sustainability for another master. Kindly suggest to me some in the UK.?

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Vanshika Yadav

Vanshika Yadav

MentR-Me Team

Those pursuing a superior diploma in sustainability will observe applicable topics, including the science and politics of local weather change, development, poverty, and the social duty of larger corporations. Most applications are at least two years in length.

Corporate Social Responsibility, or Corporate Sustainability as fundamental organizations are an increasingly wide variety of re-naming it, which has in no way been greater applicable to our organizations. Our Management and Corporate Sustainability M.Sc. will educate you on the practicalities of how companies successfully embed sustainability into their core agency purpose and strategy. 

Managing sustainability is one of the toughest and unexpectedly creating areas in both the public and non-public sectors. With developing awareness of the impact of a world residing beyond its means, the commitment to sustainable enchantment to meet the desires of present generations without jeopardizing these of the future has in no way been increasingly apparent. 

You’ll analyze how to translate socio-economic theories and technological innovation into top-notch insurance plan insurance policies and practices for sustainable development. These competencies are in demand in international development agencies, NGOs, authorities ministries and corporations in the Global South and North.

The M.Sc. Crisis and Disaster Management deliver collectively the areas of disaster management, hazard administration and catastrophe administration with the intention of imparting college students the possibility to improve a draw close contemporary methods to disaster and catastrophe and they have an effect that such events may additionally have on businesses, communities and nations. In particular, the program addresses the troubles of interruption to business enterprise and the favour for preparedness, response and restoration techniques to minimize both monetary and human losses bobbing up from crises.

Following are some of the colleges offering degrees in sustainability:- 

  1. Cranfield School of Management
  2. Queen's University of Belfast - Medical Faculty
  3. University of Sussex Online
  4. University of Sussex Business School
  5. University of Lincoln
  6. University of Lincoln

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