Hello I have completed my UG and PG in commerce field.now I want to apply for masters program in USA. Is there any specialisation MS program which get along with my education.?

I have given duolingo and my score is 110. In IELTS I have 6 but 5.5 in writing.

Asked by Riddhi almost 2 years ago

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Keith Malloy

Keith Malloy

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Here’s a list of top universities to study in the USA for Indian students.

Harvard Business School

Ohio State University

Princeton University

Northern Arizona University

Stanford University

Dartmouth College

Columbia University

Ohio State University

Cornell University

Stanford University

Specialization courses:

1. General Management

2. International Management

3. Strategy

4. Consulting

5. Finance Leadership

6. Entrepreneurship Marketing

7. Operations Management.


Applicants should have completed higher secondary education from a recognized institution with

a minimum GPA of 2.5 to 3.5. This minimum score requirement varies from one institution to

another and students should fulfil them as mentioned by the university and course.

Evidence of financial support which is needed for the I-20 form

Must obtain a minimum score in English proficiency tests such as TOEFL or IELTS and furnish

their certification

Some universities also require ACT or SAT scores. A minimum of 600-800 is required for

studying at universities in the USA

You can also opt for scholarships:

Fulbright Scholarships USA

Stanford University Scholarships

Yale University Scholarships USA

University of New Haven Scholarship

University of Minnesota Fellowship


Divya Rastogi

Divya Rastogi

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 Hello! Transitioning from a commerce background to pursuing a master's program in the USA is an exciting opportunity to further specialize your education. As an alumni who has made a similar transition, I can assure you that there are several MS programs in the USA that align well with your education background in commerce. Some popular specialization options include:

Master of Science in Finance: This program focuses on advanced financial theories, analysis techniques, and portfolio management, preparing you for roles in corporate finance, investment banking, or financial analysis.
Master of Science in Accounting: Ideal for students interested in pursuing a career in accounting, this program covers advanced accounting principles, taxation, auditing, and financial reporting, leading to opportunities in public accounting firms, corporate finance departments, or government agencies.
Master of Science in Business Analytics: With a strong foundation in commerce, this program offers advanced training in data analysis, statistical modeling, and predictive analytics, preparing you for roles in data-driven decision-making and business intelligence.
Master of Science in Marketing: This program focuses on marketing strategies, consumer behavior, market research, and digital marketing techniques, equipping you with the skills needed for careers in marketing management, brand management, or market research analysis.
Master of Science in Management Information Systems: Combining business and technology, this program covers topics such as database management, system analysis, and IT strategy, preparing you for roles in IT consulting, business analysis, or information systems management.
These are just a few examples of MS programs in the USA that complement your background in commerce. It's essential to research each program's curriculum, faculty expertise, industry connections, and career outcomes to find the best fit for your academic interests and career goals. Feel free to reach out for further guidance on selecting the right program for you!



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