Hello , I have completed my BDS degree from India and i have started my internship. It wil be done bye 2023 December. After internship i would like to study in Canada. What course i have to take.?

Asked by Sanju about 1 year ago

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Canada is ranked 7th worldwide for having the best dentists in the country. Thus it is rightful to state that pursuing MDS in Canada after BDS in India is a great decision. Canada is home to 16 QS-ranked universities that offer a course after BDS in Canada. The use of high-tech lab facilities and skilled dental professional assistance is one of the key magnets to draw the attention of students in this field.

Why Study MDS In Canada?

Full/Part-Time Study Opportunities: Most universities in Canada offer a convenient educational format for their international students. Almost all courses here are available on a part-time basis as well. Even MDS in Canada is available to study on a part-time basis. The duration for a full-time course after BDS in Canada is three years and part-time 6 years.

Ph.D. Programs in Dentistry: Masters in dentistry in Canada for Indian students aren’t limited to graduate programs only. MDS graduates can enhance their knowledge on the subject by investing in a Ph.D. program. A Ph.D. program in Dentistry will take up to 5 to max 7 years to complete.

Research-Oriented Dental Studies: All the MDS in Canada is research-oriented. This means that most of your learnings will dwell upon coursework and research-based activities. This research work will be conducted under the supervision of experts in this field.

Top Universities For Masters In Canada After BDS

-University of Toronto
-University of Manitoba
-University of Alberta
-Universite de Montreal
-University of New Brunswick


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