Which is the best destination to study business courses abroad?Apart from UK, USA, Canada?

Asked by Akshay about 1 year ago

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Divyakshi  Gupta

Divyakshi Gupta

Study Abroad Expert

THE USA, UK and Canada would have been my ideal picks but since you are looking for something else, I have my top 2 countries that you can consider for business courses. 
1. Ireland

Ireland is an excellent country to study business partially because it is known for delivering world-class education to local and international students. Irish universities work closely with industry partners, and students can avail stellar internships and prospective careers. The University College of Dublin (UCD) is among Ireland’s best higher education institutions. Its College of Business oversees separate business schools for undergraduate and graduate programs.

2.  Australia

Not only does Australia have consistent economic growth, but also a competent education system. Australia delivers world-class degree programs with a high graduate employability rate. Business majors may find Sydney is the perfect city for them. The University of Sydney ranks 1st in the country for graduate employability. It also offers a range of business degrees at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Immerse yourself in the Australian perspective of business law, digital business, and business analytics. Tuition fees at the University of Sydney cost $33,000 yearly.

Let me know fi this helped and if you need any more information from my end. 




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